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What is timestamping?

Timestamping is a mechanism that allows the integrity of a data series to be proven based on a particular point in time. In other words, it allows us to demonstrate that these data have existed at a certain time, and that they have not been altered since then. It is therefore a fundamental mechanism for providing evidence.

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Security guarantee

This is the guarantee that a trusted service provider provides to endorse the existence and immutability of a specific set of data or content based on a specific point in time. In order to obtain a reliable time, the service provider synchronises with the Spanish Navy's Royal Observatory, which provides the basis of the legal time throughout the country in accordance with the internet-based NTP protocol.

Available for any signature flow

With URUK, you can complete any signature flow you request with our Time Stamping Authority service (TSA), thus incorporating a qualified timestamp into a document.

This service adds value to the act of signing a document since it not only certifies the identity of the person - be they an individual or a legal entity - providing this signature, but also the exact date and time when the signature took place.

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